R&S®SFE100 Test Transmitter

The powerful broadcast signal generator for production test systems

Brief Description

The R&S®SFE100 is a multistandard test transmitter providing realtime coding for broadcast signals. It supports all common digital and analog TV standards and a number of audio broadcasting standards. Its flexible customization options make the R&S®SFE100 suitable for a wide variety of applications - extending from production and quality assurance up to simple development applications.


Picture R&S®SFE100 Test Transmitter

Key Facts

  • Unlimited standards in a single instrument
  • Multistandard test transmitter
  • Frequency range up to 2700 MHz
  • Output power up to 27 dBm with integrated power amplifier
  • High-precision modulator (MER typ. +43 dB)
  • Integrated transport stream generator


Picture Designation Order No.
Picture R&S®SFE100, model.02 Test Transmitter DTVR&S®SFE100, model.02 Test Transmitter DTV
Picture R&S®SFE100, model.03 Test Transmitter ATV and DTVR&S®SFE100, model.03 Test Transmitter ATV and DTV
Picture R&S®SFE100, model.12 Test Transmitter DTVR&S®SFE100, model.12 Test Transmitter DTV
Picture R&S®SFE100, model.13 Test Transmitter ATVR&S®SFE100, model.13 Test Transmitter ATV