R3755A PCI based Network Analyzer module

(NOT distributed in North America & Asia.)

Key Facts
Picture R3755A PCI based Network Analyzer module

The recently announced 300 MHz and 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzers are totally new type of analyzers designed to install in a PCI slot.

The PCI solution is a best fit for automated measuring equipment; up to 8 NA boards can be installed as a multi-channel Mini-system. But it is also an easy solution for educational purposes. The analyzers are used for evaluation of the frequency characteristics of ceramic crystal oscillators, SAW resonators, RFID chips and many other RF components used in a broad range of electronics. Return loss measurements on antennae of cell phones, WLAN, BT, GPS, DVB, Sat radio and game machines are typical applications. Measurement parameters are magnitude, phase, SWR, group delay in kartesian and polar coordinates with Smith display.Calibration can be done as 1Port Full Cal, Normalize, Transmission Full Cal with external calibration sets.

The model R3755A features a frequency range of 10 kHz to 300 MHz, with output power from -43 dBm to +18 dBm in a half-size PCI slot and with parallel I/O ports.