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1MA196: Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control1MA196: Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control01.10.2014

R&S®Forum is a free scripting tool for remote control of Rohde & Schwarz instruments. It allows users to run and edit example script sequences and to write their own script files, as well as on-the-fly remote control of instruments. Script files can range from simple command sequences (Winbatch syntax) to complex programs using the programming language Python.

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1MA203: Receiving BEIDOU, GALILEO and GPS signals with MATLAB® and R&S®IQR, R&S®TSMW1MA203: Receiving BEIDOU, GALILEO and GPS signals with MATLAB® and R&S®IQR, R&S®TSMW19.05.2014

Satellite Navigation became quite common during the recent years. In addition to the established U:S: GPS system, China has develloped its own navigation system called BEIDOU. Since BEIDOU receivers are not yet wide spread on the market, this MATLAB based application can be used to analyze and process BEIDOU signals. The free application enables and demonstrates remote operation of Rohde & Schwarz instruments using SCPI commands and attribute based drivers directly out of MATLAB scripts and functions.


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1MA211: Coexistence Test of LTE and Radar Systems1MA211: Coexistence Test of LTE and Radar Systems28.03.2014

Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar, military Air Traffic Surveillance (ATS) radar and meteorological radar operate in S-Band frequency range. In fact 4G communication systems such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) make also use of these frequencies. Test and measurement of their coexistence is absolutely essential as performance degradation of mobile devices and networks and even malfunction of ATC radars has been proven.

This application note describes LTE and S-Band radar coexistence test and measurement. It addresses LTE user equipment, base stations and S-Band radars and presents test solutions.


Application Note

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1GP88: R&S ARB Toolbox Plus1GP88: R&S ARB Toolbox Plus03.02.2014

The ARB Toolbox Plus is an easy-to-use, feature packed software package that is used for many ARB waveform related tasks. This software is the successor of the ARB Toolbox which is bundled with the 1GP62 application note. Use this software for creating ARB waveform files from custom IQ data; import data from MATLAB .mat files; evaluate waveform content graphically; resample or filter waveforms; create analog modulated signals as ARB files; edit marker data in waveform files; use the composer for the creation of complex multi carrier scanarios.

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1MA28: IQWizard - IQ Signal Measurement and Conversion1MA28: IQWizard - IQ Signal Measurement and Conversion26.04.2013

IQWizard is a tool for loading IQ signal files in various formats and measuring IQ signals with a FSx spectrum analyzer or ESx Receiver. The obtained IQ data in memory can be stored in various formats or be transmitted to an AMU / SMU with WinIQSIM™ or WinIQSIM2™.


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1MA189: TETRA Measurements1MA189: TETRA Measurements26.04.2013

TETRA, the TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, is the professional mobile radio standard (PMR) used world wide by governmental safety and security authorities and organizations, as well as by private utilities from energy suppliers through to transport. Rohde & Schwarz provide test instruments idealy suited for both the development and production of TETRA base stations and user equipment, as well as for network planning, network coverage and quality of service, network monitoring and optimization, maintenance, and service. This Application Note shows examples for measurements with R&S instruments covering the entire range of TETRA test requirements.


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1SP18: Assessing a MIMO Channel1SP18: Assessing a MIMO Channel09.02.2012

MIMO technologies are an essential component of state-of-the-art mobile radio systems and are key to achieving extremely ambitious capacity goals that include providing stable data rates in the two- to three-digit Megabit per second range over a broad coverage area. However, the effectiveness of these technologies is not always guaranteed. A channel state matrix can provide the information needed to determine whether spatial multiplexing is possible for multilayer data transmission. Simple indicators for evaluating the mobile radio channel are derived from the channel matrix. This white paper presents these parameters and discusses them based on simulated and real coverage measurement results.


White Paper - English

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White Paper - English

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1SP17: LTE Drive Test - How to benefit from using a R&S®TSMW1SP17: LTE Drive Test - How to benefit from using a R&S®TSMW30.01.2012

This document describes the highlights of LTE scanning functionality of TSMW. In an FAQ style, it explains briefly the background of LTE and leads to the important measurements that have to be done in a proper network roll-out.


Application Note - English version

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1SP16: Recording and Playing Back the GPS RF Spectrum1SP16: Recording and Playing Back the GPS RF Spectrum10.11.2011

A GPS L1-frequency signal is recorded using a receiver such as an R&S TSMW or an &S FSV. Then the I/Q data is stored via the digital I/Q interface on an R&S IQR device. Playback is realized using an R&S SMBV signal generator that is also connected to an R&S IQR via a digital I/Q interface.


Application Note

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1SP15: Remote Control of ROMES on Windows 71SP15: Remote Control of ROMES on Windows 705.07.2011

For optimization of mobile communication networks, drive tests with coverage measurement systems are being performed. The coverage measurement platform provided by Rohde & Schwarz is based on R&S® ROMES, which is the application software to define and setup measurement devices, acquire and store the measurement data and displaying measured data during the measurement period and a later replay. Additional drivers are used for attaching different measurement devices, such as the Rohde & Schwarz Universal Radio Network Analyzers TSMQ or TSMW or test mobiles from different manufacturers. Depending on the required measurement tasks, R&S® ROMES can be configured freely to adapt to the user’s needs. As long as the measurements are performed in an outdoor environment using a vehicle traveling around, size and weight of the measurement system is not a problem. As more and more measurements are performed in an indoor environment by walking around, size, weight and mechanical handling is an issue of interest. ROMES® can be used in a light weight configuration, which is small enough to be carried in a back pack. For use of R&S® ROMES with R&S® TSMW in an indoor environment, the Backpack System R&S® TSMW-Z3 has been designed. The system includes a mini PC with R&S® ROMES which needs to be controlled remotely. This application note describes, how to establish a Wireless Lan Access Point on the R&S® ROMES PC and to setup a wireless LAN connection between an Apple iPad® and the mini PC.


Application Note

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1SP56: Guideline for Scanner-based Drive Tests1SP56: Guideline for Scanner-based Drive Tests28.07.2009

This guideline gives the customers of Rohde & Schwarz an insight into using Drive Test Scanners compared with test mobiles. It shows the main benefits and features of scanners, and emphasizes the advantages of the Rohde & Schwarz Drive Test Scanners TSML, TSMU and TSMQ.


Application Note - english version

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Application Note - english version

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1SP52: Voice Quality Measurements with R&S®ROMES SQA1SP52: Voice Quality Measurements with R&S®ROMES SQA10.02.2009

This document introduces Voice Quality Measurements and describes the configuration of the R&S ROMES Software as well as the R&S ROMES Speech Server. It gives advice and offers interpretations of the measurement data.


Application Note - English version

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1SP55: TSMW Digital I/Q Interface Option K11SP55: TSMW Digital I/Q Interface Option K128.11.2008

This application note describes how to perform user specific RF measurements in block and continuous streaming mode using the R&S®TSMW and the R&S®TSMW-K1 option. The R&S®TSMW is a universal Radio Network Analyzer for IQ streaming and drive testing of mobile communication networks.

TSMW Digital I/Q Interface Option K1

Application Note - English Version

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1SP51: Remote Control of R&S ROMES using a Pocket PC1SP51: Remote Control of R&S ROMES using a Pocket PC09.06.2006

This Application Note describes how to configure a PDA (Pocket PC) and a notebook to remotely control the notebook running Rohde & Schwarz ROMES SW using wireless network techniques.


Application Note - English version

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1CM60: Optimization of HSDPA networks with the Radio Communication Tester R&S®CMU300 and Coverage Measurement System R&S®ROMES1CM60: Optimization of HSDPA networks with the Radio Communication Tester R&S®CMU300 and Coverage Measurement System R&S®ROMES08.02.2006

The Radio Communication Tester R&S CMU300 and Coverage Measurement System R&S ROMES provide a wide range of possibilities to check the HSDPA air interface and network quality. The measurement results that can be obtained with the aforementioned solutions ensure flawless operation of HSDPA services from the start and longstanding customer acceptance of the new technology.


Application Note - English version

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