R&S®TS51GA30 Coverage Suitcase System

Compact case system for outdoor measurements

Brief Description

The R&S®TS51GA30 coverage suitcase system integrates the latest drive test technology in a compact, portable suitcase. One scanner and up to four test mobile phones allow measurements using different standards at the same time so that measurements can be carried out on several networks simultaneously. This solution is ideal for portable coverage and QoS (voice, data) measurements and offers maximum flexibility.


Picture R&S®TS51GA30 Coverage Suitcase System

Key Facts

  • High-end R&S®TSML/TSMU/TSMQ radio network analyzer
  • Up to four mobile phones
  • Supported mobile phones (Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm, Triorail)
  • QoS measurements for voice (ITU P862, PESQ, MOS) and data throughput (ETSI KPI)
  • GPS receiver with PPS output
  • High-performance notebook with Windows XP and R&S®ROMES4 software
  • Battery buffer for the R&S®TSMx
  • Ruggedized suitcase with connectors for external antennas and power supply