R&S®TS8980 LTE RF Test System

A test platform for development through to conformance testing

Brief Description

R&S®TS8980 is a family of test solutions for the entire mobile station development life cycle. The R&S®TS8980IB and R&S®TS8980FTA are fully automated conformance test systems configured for running validated RF conformance test cases in design, pre-certification and type approval of mobile stations. In addition, also network operator specific tests are available on these configurations. The R&S®TS8980S precompliance test solution supports R&D and early verification of chipsets and mobile stations.


Picture R&S®TS8980 LTE RF Test System

Key Facts

  • Platform for RF tests according to 3GPP TS 36.521-1 (LTE) and 3GPP TS 34.121-1 (WCDMA)
  • Supports network operator specific tests (VzW, at&t, US Cellular, etc.)
  • VAMOS (GSM R9 feature) test cases available on R&S®TS8980S
  • R&D test applications for development of LTE mobile stations
  • Upgradeable to LTE RRM and PQA (performance quality analysis, end-2-end throughput, call performance)
  • Intuitive user interface with R&S®CONTEST, powerful parameterization, flexible scripting and sequencer tool, DUT services, multiple reporting possibilities
  • Optimized for speed and stability


Picture Designation Order No.
Picture R&S®TS8980FTA Conformance Test SystemR&S®TS8980FTA Conformance Test System
Picture R&S®TS8980IB RF ConformanceTest SystemR&S®TS8980IB RF ConformanceTest System
Integrated test system for LTE conformance tests
R&S®TS8980S Pre-Compliance Test System
Picture R&S®CMW500 - Protocol TestR&S®CMW500 - Protocol Test
Wideband Radio Communication Tester