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  • Applications & White Papers for NFC / RFID

    ...Applications & White Papers for NFC / RFID R&S®RFID 18000-6C Analysis Software Basic Tests on NFC Enabled Devices using R&S Test Equipment This Application Note describes how to perform basic NFC analog tests on NFC-enabled devices an......

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  • Legacy Radios

    ...Legacy Radios Rohde & Schwarz legacy devices can be found in ground and airborne based legacy HF radiocommunications systems. Rohde & Schwarz legacy radios have been on the market for a long time and are installed in many platforms, which consist of ground and a......

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  • Software Defined Radio

    ...Software Defined Radio Rohde & Schwarz software defined radios (SDR) provide reliable and secure communications. The Rohde & Schwarz Radiocommunications Systems Division is one of the leading global suppliers of software defined radios (SDR) and systems for us......

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  • Radio System Components

    ...Radio System Components For appropriate platform installation, different radio components are available. The Rohde & Schwarz portfolio includes VHF/UHF and HF radio system components, such as filters and amplifiers, so that the equipment can be used in a huge variety o......

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  • 5G Fundamentals

    ...5G Fundamentals Mobile operators have just commercialized LTE and few of the features that make LTE a true 4G technology have made it into live networks. So why is industry already discussing 5G? Mobile operators have just commercialized LTE and only one of the features that advance LTE ......

    /en/solutions/wireless-communications/5g/5g-fundamentals/5g-fundamentals_229439.html Solutions
  • 5G - 5th Generation Mobile Networks

    ...5G - 5th Generation Mobile Networks The next major step in mobile communications beyond LTE/LTE-Advanced (4G) sets challenging requirements. Researchers all around the world are busy investigating possible concepts and technologies for the fifth generation of mobile net......

    /en/solutions/wireless-communications/5g/5g-overview/5g-overview_229437.html Solutions
  • 5G Featured Products

    ...5G Featured Products High-Performance RF and mm-Wave Testing R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator Unique one-box solution with optional integrated realtime MIMO fading Supports two RF ports (up to 20 GHz each) and two digital/analog I/Q outputs (to conne......

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  • 5G wideband signal generation and signal analysis

    ...5G wideband signal generation and signal analysis How Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement solutions benefit 5G mm-wave projects. One of the technology components discussed in 5G to address high capacity and high user data requirements is the adoption of significantly hi......

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  • Characterization of mm-wave components for 5G networks

    ...Characterization of mm-wave components for 5G networks Various research projects are discussing and evaluating a frequency spectrum ranging from 6 GHz to more than 60 GHz in order to address the 5G communications requirements for greater capacity and higher data rates. Higher frequency b......

    /en/solutions/wireless-communications/5g/in-focus/characterization-of-mm-wave_229600.html Solutions
  • 5G Technology Components in Focus

    ...5G Technology Components in Focus Flexible test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz support the wireless communications industry in investigating, developing and standardizing 5G. 5G wideband signal generation and signal analysis Researchers ......

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